Feedback from Therapists


What you’ve gained from volunteering with us:
I have learnt that Power to Live is first and foremost about the people. I have witnessed first-hand how the charity prioritises the well-being of not only of its clients but also its staff and volunteers, going so far as to take on a personal interest in our lives and well-being. The compassion and love I have felt in the year I have been a part of Power to Live has been truly life-changing. I am a better person because of it. It has been an enriching experience to be a part of Power to Live, and I will forever be grateful to Tien and Jacqui for providing this space for me to learn and grow.
The training we received/continue to receive has unequivocally changed the way I not only practice in my profession, but also how I function in daily life. The breadth and depth of knowledge I have received and continue to receive is tremendous. Tien is not only eloquent and well-versed in the subject matter; she is also honest to a fault and creates perhaps the most conducive learning environment I have been a part of. From the get-go, the training has been a safe space for me to reflect on, explore, and experiment with both myself and the profession. The feedback loop is constructive and intellectually stimulating, allowing effective reflection and facilitating learning. Proactivity and honesty are always encouraged and positively reinforced.
Group supervision continuous to be helpful in reflecting on my own practice as well as that of my peers. Peer feedback is immensely useful in providing perspective and creative solutions. Supervision is a place where I’m able to honestly express any qualms, struggles, or successes, knowing that I will receive plenty of validation, acknowledgement, and constructive feedback. Tien always makes time for individual supervision, even on weekends, to ensure our needs are met and we aren’t left flailing. She always makes me feel supported, and I know I can count on her to speak her mind as well as give me space to speak mine. She ensures that there is no hierarchy within the organisation, treating us all as equals, thereby motivating me to perform better. I am proud to consider her as my mentor.
Jacqui is truly the linchpin that holds the entire organisation together. She works quietly and tirelessly in the background, making her presence known through gentle reminders and words of compassion. I truly appreciate how warm and kind Jacqui’s responses are, no matter what the subject of the email. She is always approachable and manages to keep us on track no matter how far we wander off. I wholeheartedly appreciate the effort Jacqui puts into organising and setting everything up so that it’s easily accessible to the rest of us. She always goes the extra mile to make everybody’s lives a little bit easier, and every little bit goes a long way.
Rooms at Winkfield:
The rooms are well lit and spacious. The only issue I have is that it opens out onto the street, and with the windows open, passers-by can listen in on conversations occurring inside. There have also been some instances of the caretaker being spotted outside the windows during sessions, and this is concerning when considering client confidentiality and anonymity. There have also been instances when said caretaker has asked clients about therapists, which is not appropriate. Besides these issues, the rooms are well equipped, with easy access to lockers, toilets, and the kitchen area.
Working online with clients:
I see most of my clients online for various reasons. Although there can be problems such as connectivity issues, it provides the convenience of working from home or anywhere else, flexibility around session timing, easy to record both audio and video, easy to share screen to complete forms or other material, and greater accessibility to those who can’t come to the Centre. I find working online to be a very beneficial option and hope it means we can reach out to people around the world.
Case load:
My current case load is very manageable. I appreciate that both Tien and Jacqui are very considerate when referring clients, to the degree where they mention concerns regarding a heavier case load and ask if we’re able to manage alright, going so far as to assign clients to other therapists if they believe we’ve taken on too many. I find the variety in the cases fascinating and challenging, making the case load exciting rather than cumbersome as it means more exposure to different presentations and the possibility to experiment with various interventions.
Anything else you’d like to comment on:
Power to Live is a charity I’m proud to be a part of, whose cause I wholeheartedly stand by and whose values strongly align with my own personal values. Everyone working in the organisation have incredible work ethic, which cultivates a productive and enriching work environment. Power to Live provides a unique space where both clients and staff can thrive while learn making meaningful connections within and amongst themselves. I hope I can continue to play a role in what will certainly be an incredible journey built on compassion and love. I look forward to a promising future in Power to Live.


I really enjoyed the training I received, the time and effort to help us getting ready for the clients it was just amazing. Thank you for the continuous support and the opportunity to be part of such an amazing team.


Working at Power to Live is a deeply rewarding experience. I've received unwavering support from the team, admin and otherwise, and have always felt like my best interests are being looked after.

The training at Power to Live has been life-enhancing. Each session with Tien is a masterclass from an expert practitioner in the field. Her acutely pragmatic yet deeply human approach is a recipe for success with clients. Tien's expansive knowledge of behaviourism and years of experience in the field makes her a powerhouse to be reckoned with. The training challenges all your foundations leaving you sharper and more focused. It enriches both your clinical practice and personal life.

If you're not afraid of a challenge and are passionate about what you do, Power to Live is the place for you.


Volunteering at P2L has been a great experience. I have learned a lot for the past year about the third wave of CBT. Through intensive training and regular supervision which was provided by P2L. Training provided theoretical and practical experience. This allowed me to grasp a better understanding of ACT and FAP psychotherapies/modalities. Practical exercises enabled me to experience what clients go through in the therapy room and master my knowledge and responses accordingly to deliver the best outcome for the client.

Although this year wasn't an easy one due to COVID, everything was well organised, communicated and prepared for working online. The work ethic within the team is outstanding and support is always available. I am honoured to be part of the P2L family.


Working with Power to Live is the true embodiment of Courage, Awareness and Love. As a new CBT therapist, I can truly say I’d be lost without the opportunities P2L has afforded me. Training and supervision with Tien feels like a privilege; I’ve learned the latest and research-supported techniques and methods. Her support and knowledge helps me show up fully for my clients every session by giving me confidence. Since joining Power to Live, I’ve gained an education, valuable experience, personal growth and a group of fellow therapists I’m proud to call my family.

With P2L, you’ll get an opportunity to work with a broad range of clients and work in a meaningful, bespoke way. Seeing clients both online and face-to-face has prepared me for the flexibility being a therapist requires. P2L is extremely organised, well-run, professional and sets each therapist up for success. Therapist well-being is always a priority and the caseload is manageable. The growth I’ve experienced while working at Power to Live isn’t just in the therapy room, but all throughout my life.

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